Dubai. The land of luxury, of rhinestone-encrusted trainers, and of shoddy shady property hunting sites. Today marks my 12th day. Here are some things I’ve learned, and a few bits I’ve seen. 1. Sidestreets hold their own quiet mysteries and very few tourists. They also have visa offices, which are bewildering structures with more queues than one would think possible. 2. Looking up is sometimes dizzying. Particularly when you live in one… Read More

Prince William says Kate’s outfit makes her look like a banana. Why do men struggle to say nice things about the opposite sex? My latest for the Telegraph. Inspired by a lovely Twitter conversation. Click here to read the rest, and enjoy.

They took my blood today. ‘It’s to test for the AIDS,’ someone explained to me with a voice dropped into a whisper. ‘Or HIV.’ The process involved papers and stamps and more offices than I could count. One had a small tent in it and bunting with the faces of Dubai leaders. My driver kindly navigated me through line after line. I stood alongside six other women. One after another we had… Read More

“Are you afraid?” People keep asking me. “Are you nervous?” I feel I should be, in a way. That nerves are a normal part of putting your life into boxes and bags and stepping away from all you’ve known for the last five years. “It’s a big change. Are you scared?” But I’m not. Leaving, traveling, it’s a familiar process for me. I love new places. Going somewhere new feels a lot… Read More

My latest for Marie Claire. It’s wedding season again: a time for flowers, beautiful dresses, and elaborate cakes. But there’s also the potential for massive stress. If you’re a bride-to-be, here are 14 top tips from industry experts to help make the process go smoothly. Click here to read more.    

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get bored of Cambridge. Or if the charm will go away. If I’ll catch that train back and step off the platform and think finally, ultimately, that the wonder has gone. It hasn’t yet. It’s still one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to, one of the areas I love the most. I visited last weekend for meetings and friends. Here are… Read More

In less than a month, I’m moving to Dubai. I’m taking all this freelancing and writing and shifting in-house to Motivate Publishing, the Gulf’s leading publisher of magazines and books. You could say they have a few outlets… The kind of writing I do – long form, slightly flippant, occasionally excited, sometimes sad – is suited to magazines. While I’ll be working across a few of their titles, I’ll be writing in… Read More

My latest for Marie Claire, a fun one to write, because I like beauty and skin and secrets all at the same time. Enjoy… Beauticians always have glowing skin. It’s par for the course. What we want to know is how can we get the same flawless, radiant look without having to fork out for an expensive facial every few weeks. We spoke to some of the country’s top beauty therapists and… Read More

This one was fantastic to write. It involved touring around the British Museum, speaking to several experts obviously passionate about their jobs, and looking at things in a new way. My latest piece for Qatar Happening on the British Museum’s ‘A Middle East Menagerie’. Read a print PDF here.

My latest piece for Private Air’s March print issue is on luxury wine. It begins: investing in wine, whether for financial profit or for personal pleasure, can be an intricate process. So to find out more about how to make a smart wine investment, we’ve spoken to four industry experts. Read the rest here.


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