Moving to Dubai!

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In less than a month, I’m moving to Dubai.

I’m taking all this freelancing and writing and shifting in-house to Motivate Publishing, the Gulf’s leading publisher of magazines and books.

You could say they have a few outlets…

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The kind of writing I do – long form, slightly flippant, occasionally excited, sometimes sad – is suited to magazines.

While I’ll be working across a few of their titles, I’ll be writing in particular for Jumeirah, a high-end luxury magazine. This means I’ll cover everything from arts to culture to travel to fashion.

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 18.17.43

I’m excited about this next step. I want an editor to help shape my words. I want to be surrounded by a team of journalists, not just myself. I want to learn, grow, and do such with a focus on writing.

This step feels right.

Then there’s the region itself. I lived out in Doha, Qatar, for a spell while working with ABODE Magazine. I know things are slightly different. Yet that’s true of every culture, every society.

It’s part of what I love about new places.

Me in Doha in the Souq

Me in Doha in the Souq

My only sadness comes in leaving the close friends I now consider family, a lovely group of colleagues, and the country that I have grown to love.

But I’m not gone for good. Just for now.

Just for a new adventure.

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